Watch: Gunman with AR-15 shoots inside a NY clinic, then unarmed guard saves the day

Last week, a 48-year-old gentleman clutching an AR-15 entered a health clinic in Buffalo, NY and shot it in front of an unarmed security guard. Fortunately the gunman missed — and even better, the brave guard heroically took the man down without a weapon of his own (see video below).

From NPR:

The footage shows the man, 48-year-old Jeremy Griffin of Williamsville, N.Y., entering the clinic and brandishing the weapon before being confronted by a security guard.

Griffin then appeared to fire a shot. The security guard then ran toward him, pinning him against the wall. The two struggled before the guard was able to drag Griffin outside, while another security guard followed him.

Security footage from outside the clinic shows the two guards wrestling Griffin to the ground while two bystanders helped take the AR-15 from him. …

Officers say he [Griffin] stopped at a home on Pennsylvania Street and shot a woman in the leg before going to the clinic. The woman was taken to Erie County Medical Center for non-life-threatening injuries.

During the struggle, two more shots were fired, according to NPR, but nobody was hurt. The gunman was charged with attempted murder, among multiple felonies.

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