Pack of poodles attack corgi and her human

A pack of poodles allegedly attacked a corgi and her human recently on a Northern California beach. According to Kathrin Burleson, she and her corgi Emma were strolling along when 10 poodles swarmed them.

"We were at the bottom of a pack of 10 snarling, biting dogs," Burleson told the Mad River Union. "I thought Emma and I were going to be killed."

She claims that she then noticed the poodles' human, Frank Mallatt, was also biting her.

"It was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life when I looked up and saw that it was a person who was biting me. I screamed to stop and he did," Burleson said. She later commented that Mallatt told her he thought he was actually biting one of the poodles.

Emma underwent surgery and is expected to recover. Mallatt apparently has a business training service dogs.