Right-wing Washington Examiner dumps Trump: "Trump 3.0 is a changed man — he's now a loser"

Rupert Murdoch's media empire — which includes Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post — has turned against its former darling, Donald Trump. And other right-wing entities are following suit. Today, the Washington Examiner's editor-in-chief wrote a piece with a headline stating, "Trump 3.0 is a changed man — he's now a loser."

Conservatives who were pleased that Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 often expressed hope that high office would change him. But that didn't happen. They optimistically suggested he'd grow into the Oval Office, smooth his rough edges, shed portions of his narcissism, vulgarity, and brutality, and insult and betray fewer people while learning to control his tantrums.

But all those glaring failings continued through his four years in power and beyond. They have been clear during his two years of falsehood and whining about his 2020 defeat at the hands of Joe Biden, previously an also-ran loser in two pitiful bids for the White House.

But just because Trump retains all the excruciating qualities he ever had doesn't mean he's unchanged. In one important respect, he is very different now. He is a loser. And he knows it. Every fiber of his bulky being betrays what he can't admit — that he's fast losing the support he once enjoyed and the confidence it fed within him.

It's not Trump's policies or judicial picks that are upsetting to the right wing. They would happily put up with his "narcissism, vulgarity, and brutality" and much more if it meant lower taxes for the rich. They don't like him because he won't win in 2024.