Small plane crashes on golf course in Wisconsin — and all 53 dogs on board (plus 3 people) survive

A small plane made "a relatively catastrophic landing" yesterday in which both wings broke off before touching down on a Wisconsin golf course — but all 53 dogs on board, along with 3 humans, survived.

The pups were being transported from Louisiana and other southern state shelters — which were either over-crowded or didn't have the right types of medical treatments to offer — when the plane made the emergency landing, according to CBS 58 (watch news story below). Workers at the golf course saw the crash landing and jumped into action, helping to collect the dogs, some of which were running around on the snowy grounds "confused" and "scared."

The three adults on board sustained only minor injuries.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the crash, while the rescued rescue dogs — cared for by the Humane Animal Welfare Society, are almost ready for adoption (and should be available within the next couple of days).

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