Volkswagen's office chair travels at 12 mph

There's nothing more depressing than having one of your dreams die on the vine. When you're a kid, adults always spout the tired maxim that you can be "whatever you want to be." And while there is some truth in the adage, we really need to scale back the more hyperbolic elements of the saying. When most of us were old enough to have first heard that phrase, the prospect of being a dinosaur tamer, superhero, or a Starfleet captain didn't seem outside of the realm of possibility. Surely, all of the aforementioned gigs fall under the "whatever" category in the saying, but unfortunately, none of those jobs exist and probably never will.

To combat the soul-crushing drudgery of adulthood, the fine folks at Volkswagen have created an office chair that will elevate the mundanity of your profession with a seat that's fit for a Starfleet captain. Although the chair won't run on impulse power, it will be able to let you roam the office at up to 12 mph. The Verge:

As a marketing exercise, the automaker claims to have built an office chair that not only looks worthy of a Star Trekcaptain but also can drive around the office on its own five wheels — at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour (roughly 12mph), blisteringly fast for a seat, much less one with several swiveling wheels. The company says it can travel a distance of 12 kilometers (roughly 7.5 miles) on its swappable battery.