A "good police" demonstration results in only one child shot

Indiana police officer Tim Dispennet shot and wounded but luckily did not kill a student while exhibiting his skills in weapons handling and accidentally discharging his firearm. The officer was running a drill to show how police handle a "bad guy" when the student was injured and rushed to the hospital.

It takes a good guy with a gun.

Raw Story:

Local news station WTHI-TV reports that the shooting occurred during a visit to the school on Thursday morning in which the officer, who has been identified as Tim Dispennett, was running a drill with students on how police handle a purported "bad guy."

It was at this point that the officer's weapon accidentally discharged and resulted in the injury of one student, who was not severely hurt.

"The incident was an accidental discharge of a firearm by a law enforcement officer during a drill," the school said in a prepared statement. "One student was injured without life-threatening injuries and has been taken to the hospital."