Brendan Fraser takes us through his most iconic characters

There's a predictable narrative arc associated with celebrity. At first, the celebrity will become the center of attention for either their skills or appearance. After ascending to the upper echelon of public interest, they'll either make a crappy piece of art or a horrible life choice that causes their professional stock to plummet. Once a celebrity enters their downfall era, they can potentially unlock America's favorite portion of the celebrity arc: the redemption story. To be clear, not every famous person can access the redemption arc, but those that do rarely diminish in stature once they re-enter the center stage of public discourse.

Brendan Fraser is currently in the midst of an amazing and improbable comeback. For the majority of his career, Hollywood positioned Fraser as a heartthrob thanks to his features and physique, but now audiences are finally beginning to realize the depths of Fraser's talent as an actor. In the video linked above, Fraser sits with GQ to discuss his most iconic roles.