FBI and Airforce in full riot gear raid home of Area 51 YouTube

On November 3, armed agents of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and FBI  raided the home of a Las Vegas man who makes a podcast about the Nevada military base known as Area 51.

Since 1999 Joerg Arnu has run Dreamland Resort, which according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal, "features YouTube videos taken from drones flown over places around Area 51, satellite images of the base, a discussion forum with posts on the topic, articles on test flights, 'black projects' and UFOs, and what it says are photos of new vehicles such as the so-called 'super secret' Northrop Grumman RQ-180 unmanned stealth aircraft shown flying in 2021."

In a statement posted to his site, Arno wrote:

Last week Thursday (11/3/22) in the early morning my homes in Rachel (just outside of Area 51) and in Las Vegas were searched by a joint force of FBI and AF OSI. This happened without any warning. The doors were broken open and I in Rachel and my girlfriend in our Las Vegas home were detained and treated in the most disrespectful way. My girlfriend was led out into the street barefoot and only in her underwear in full view of our neighbors; I was led outside, handcuffed and only in t-shirt and sweats in sub-freezing temperatures.

I was very surprised how forceful the search warrant was executed and how rough we, both unarmed senior citizens, were treated. I have to believe that someone gave them bad information about us. All my laptops, phones, backup drives, camera gear and my drone were seized. With the equipment I lost all my medical records, financial and tax records, passwords, email and phone contacts, photos etc. Even my phone was taken, leaving me in Rachel with two broken doors and no way to communicate or call for help.

Lt. Col. Bryon McGarry, spokesman for Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas told The Las Vegas Journal-Review, "This is an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation between the Las Vegas FBI and Air Force OSI."