Meet the youngest solo artist to release an album

They say that children are the future, but with technology advancing, one could easily argue that children are the present. As kids continue to grow and develop alongside smartphones and social media, it's becoming increasingly common to see regular children become multimillionaires. With platforms like Spotify and YouTube, we're seeing more and more children and teenagers release successful content without ever having to contact an industry gatekeeper. With an enterprising enough child or equally ambitious parent, children can waltz into massive fame and fortune irrespective of age.

Enter: Murakata Nonoka, the youngest solo recording artist to release an album at two years old. Although Nonoka has seemingly found fame through traditional channels, her success is still incredibly remarkable. In the post linked above, you can check out Nonoka's story and her adorable performance at Japan's 35th Nursery Rhyme Children's Song Contest. The video is sure to overload your synapses with cuteness.