Mitch McConnell voted against interracial marriage, despite the fact that he's married to an Asian woman

Yesterday, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) voted against advancing the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill providing Federal protection for same-sex and interracial marriage. Thing is, McConnell's wife is Elaine Chao, former US Secretary for Transportation, who is Asian. From MSN:

"My guess is McConnell's opposition has to do with same-sex marriage, not interracial marriage," wrote Brendan Kirby, investigative reporter with Fox10 News[…]

The RFMA would repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and would require each state to recognize marriages that are valid in the state where they were performed.

The legislation is intended to protect same-sex and interracial marriages amid concerns that the Supreme Court could potentially overturn landmark rulings such as 2015's Obergefell vs. Hodgeswhich effectively legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

Fortunately, a 62-37 bipartisan vote in favor means that the Respect for Marriage act will move forward.