Turn the heat up on holiday soreness and stress lines with this therapy device

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The holidays are stressful. Whether you're running around the kitchen prepping a feast or staying up into the wee hours of the morning thinking of the perfect gift, it's natural for your body to carry some of that effort in your face and muscles. So if you want to work the knots out of your shoulder or smooth the stress lines from your face, try the Infini Sonic Therapy iQ Device. This red-light therapy and massage tool could help you feel renewed and ready for another big day, and it's on sale for 97% off. 

Eradicate your wrinkles with the power of heat and light 

It may sound a bit like sci-fi, but red LED light has been used for a while to help reduce wrinkles, scars, and even acne. Ironically, red light might also help reduce redness. In a controlled setting, heat can also help reduce creases and lines in your skin, and this handheld device combines both for a rejuvenating effect. It may have taken a few sleepless nights to decide some slippers with mops on them were the perfect gift for your sister-in-law, but you may not have to look like it. 

Your face might look young and carefree now, but that doesn't solve the tension in your muscles, whereas a little heat and massage could help. Focus the Infini Sonic's heat on your sore spots and use the flat-head design to help work through the pain in your muscles and joints. That hour you spent wrapping gifts sure costs you some comfort, but you could get it back using this handy rechargeable care device. And if you happened to use it while enjoying an ice-cold age-appropriate beverage, who could blame you?

Take care of yourself during the holidays 

It won't cost much green to get this red light therapy and massage device. For a limited time, you get the Infini Sonic Therapy iQ device on sale for 97% off. 

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