What is the weird sound driving Brooklyn residents crazy for over a year?

For more than a year, a mysterious and annoying noise has been annoying the people of Brooklyn, New York's Fort Greene neighborhood.

"It sounds very much like a resonance, a harmonic resonance like if you can picture someone rubbing the top of a crystal glass or a tuning fork," resident Mo Hussain said.

You can hear it in the video below.

From CBS News:

Neighbors have called 311, but they say the sound stops when the Department of Environmental Protection shows up. 

"As soon as you think OK well now I've gotten used to it, now I'm ready to live my life with this noise, then it goes away. You're like that's great, and then it comes back," said Jacob Baskin. 

"The timing of it makes me sort of believe that at times anyways, makes me sort of believe that there's some sort of equipment being run and they sort of try to turn it off and on in ways that don't disrupt people," said Hussain.