Keep up with the latest Twitter meltdown news at this site dedicated to monitoring Musk's daily f*ckups

Elon Musk is to Twitter is what Billy McFarland is to the Fyre Festival, and just as entertaining to watch as he screws up everything he touches. A new website called Twitter is Going Great! covers all the latest developments in the ongoing Twitter/Musk disaster.

You can filter the news by tag ( Bye-Bye, Call the Lawyers, Elon the Engineer, General Mayhem, Line Go Down,  No-One Minding the Store,  Rise of the Robots, Sickening Sycophants,  Sleeping Under the Desk,  and Twitter Blue) or elect to read the full firehose.

From today's report so far:

Some employees hung up on Elon Musk while he was trying to persuade people to stay (New York Times)

The entirety of the payroll department and the US tax department resigned today (Kali Hays, a journalist at Insider)

Cardi B's account posted hardcore pornography (she says she was hacked) (Cardi B)

"Musk spent Thursday in meetings across different divisions of Twitter, making personal appeals to the many employees attempting to resign." (Mike Isaac, a journalist at the New York Times)

Elon Musk inevitably decided to post through it, posting a meme about someone giving gang signs in front of a tombstone with Twitter's logo on both the person and the tombstone, and a pirate flag. A Community Note explained that "The pirate flag appears to be some kind of feeble attempt at edginess; however upon further investigation, it seems to represent a pirate ship that has been abandoned by its crew after the captain demanded they become "hardcore" or leave with 3 months worth of treasure" (Elon Musk/Community Notes)