The trailer for Pixar's Elemental is finally here

When Pixar first released Toy Story in 1995, they were the sole animation house producing computer-generated cartoons. In modernity, 3D animation is now the norm, with traditional 2D cartoons taking a backseat to their computer-generated peers. Despite the number of studios specializing in 3D animation ballooning since 1995, Pixar's status as the industry leader hasn't diminished- much. 

With the advent of Dreamwork's Shrek series in 2001, Pixar found itself battling against an increasingly impressive array of credible competitors, offering comparable cartoons with slick animation and quality narratives. Although they've still found a way to retain the magic of their original films and earn several awards along the way, Pixar's formerly flawless track record has become a little spotty in recent years. 

In the video linked above, you can check out the trailer for Elemental, Pixar's follow-up to their critical and commercial flop Lightyear. Hopefully, the film will indicate a return to form.