Kevin Smith shares his memories of Kevin Conroy

It's been over a week since Kevin Conroy passed away, and the wound still stings. For those that weren't familiar with Conroy's work as Batman, the outpouring of love he's posthumously received must look a little bizarre. To millions of Millenials, Conroy's voice was a constant throughout their childhood. Whereas other superheroes had infrequent dalliances with animation throughout the 90s and 2000s, since 1991, Batman has had a cartoon on the air every virtually five years. And more often than not, Kevin Conroy was providing the voice for the Caped Crusader. For throngs of adoring fans that grew up with Conroy, his voice was a point of stability in an erratic universe. 

In the video linked above, Kevin Smith, arguably the most famous Batman fan of all time, recounts his memories of Kevin Conroy. In his short speech, Smith, who was already an adult when Batman: The Animated Series started airing, expertly echoes the sentiment of fans that first encountered Conroy's talent in their childhood, proving that the voice actor's impact clearly transcended demographics.