Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni grinds a rail 9000 ft in the air.

You can't go any bigger than this. Nine-thousand feet in the air on a Fast and Furious franchised plane, Leticia Bufoni "feeble grinds" a rail attached to the plane's back hatch

From her sponsor's Insta:

"This is Sky Grind! Feel the fear and do it anyway: after months of preparation, Leticia's latest project combined her twin loves of skating and skydiving to hit a rail at 9,000feet! Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as she did making it!

Click here for the short clip of the grind or here for the full version. Here is Bufoni's Insta for images and reels. For the behind-the-scenes video, click here.

"Leticia Bufoni has spent her life breaking boundaries. In her endless search for skateboarding thrills, she has recently spent an intensive few months of training in order to combine her love of skating with her second passion: skydiving! Her brand-new Sky Grind project involved 9,000 feet of altitude, an aircraft from the Fast And Furious movie franchise, a skydiving expert from the Mission Impossible movie franchise, skate obstacles, parachutes- and potentially the most hair-raising skateboard trick ever recorded."