Anya Taylor Joy recounts the surreal feeling of becoming famous during quarantine

Quarantine changed a lot of people's lives. Depending on your emotional state and group of friends and family, the first wave of lockdowns was either tolerable or torturous. Some people used the isolation to forge their bodies into iron with at-home workouts, whereas others decided to take it easy and indulge in their favorite foods. Everyone handled the lockdowns differently, and whatever method you used to keep your health and psyche intact, your strategy was effective. 

One of the few universal experiences most people shared during quarantine was binging Netflix content. The first leg of the lockdowns brought us the binge-worthy Tiger King documentary and the brilliant drama Queen's Gambit. Both series turned their leads into household names, but for vastly different reasons. Through her starring role in Queen's Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy went from being a relatively unknown actor to an incredibly famous one. In the video linked above, Taylor-Joy explains what it was like to spend her lockdown becoming an A-list celebrity.