Ivanka Trump tries (but fails) to weasel out of court-appointed monitor

In the same week that Ivanka Trump announced she would not take part in Daddy Trump's 2024 campaign, she also hired her own attorney to get herself excluded from a court-appointed monitor that is watching over her — and the rest of her family's — finances. But, predictably, her last-ditch effort was fruitless, as a New York state's Justice Arthur F. Engoron was unfazed by her plea, according to Daily Beast.

From Daily Beast:

In private letters, Ivanka's attorneys tried to exclude her—and only her—from a New York state judge's order that laid out how the family company is going to be overseen in the coming months, this source said.

On Thursday, Justice Arthur F. Engoron took the boldest move yet against the former president's company. He gave the Trump Organization two weeks to give retired federal judge Barbara S. Jones "a full and accurate description of the corporate structure," empowering her to review "all financial disclosures to any persons or entities" by the company. The Trumps must also inform the judge 30 days in advance of shifting any assets, ensuring they cannot outrun the New York attorney general's $250 million lawsuit

AG Letitia James' three-year investigation exposed how the family-run company routinely inflated the value of the properties it owns to snag better bank loans or maximize tax-write offs for donated land. She filed a lawsuit in September against the company's various entities, some of its top brass, former President Donald Trump, and the offspring he made executives there: Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. …

Ivanka was, notably, the only defendant in the lawsuit who tried to negotiate for a better deal on her own, according to the source who spoke to The Daily Beast.

Sorry, Ivanka, but it's a bit late for family emancipation.