Aaron Franklin shares his Thanksgiving turkey smoking secrets

Smoked turkey is one of the few ways I've found to make a reliably tasting-like-something turkey for Thanksgiving. However, my father can not stand barbecue, so one surefire way to disrupt the holiday would be to follow Aaron Franklin's advice on smoking a turkey.

I am a huge fan of Aaron Franklin's video tutorials on everything brisket and found this video on turkey just as excellent. I have smoked a few turkeys in my kamado-style cooker and had no luck getting skin to look anything like his results on the offset, but the bird was delicious. I also did not wrap the turkey or add the 2lbs of "butter blend."

I will likely grab a cheap post-holiday turkey and try this when dinner isn't a family gathering. I think I can work the heat out in the Kamado right with the double indirect method.

Image: screen grab