An Italian town is paying people more than $30k to move in

Everyone has a dream city that they would love to make their primary residence. Whether it's due to climate (political or the actual weather) or an infatuation with the culture, we've all been entranced by the siren song of another city at one point in our lives. Some people make it their life mission to find a way to fully immigrate to the city of their dreams, whereas others spend their lives fantasizing because they lack the money to fund such an expedition. If only countries were generous enough to pay you to move there.

To stem local population decline, the town of Presicce in Italy's Puglia region is offering newcomers more than $30,000 to become homeowners. If you've ever had your eye on making Italy your home—or if you're keen to make an investment—Presicce might be your golden opportunity.

The picturesque town of Presicce in the sunny region of Puglia is the latest to enter the game with a tantalising offer. Officials say they will pay people up to 30,000 euros ($A46,500) to buy an empty dwelling and take up residency. Even better, the houses up for sale as part of the deal are priced from around 25,000 euros ($A38,750). Like other cheap properties on sale across Italy, they've been long abandoned by their original owners. And as an added bonus, the location is incredible, surrounded by the nature of the Salento area in the heel of Italy's boot and close to the powder beaches and turquoise clear waters of Santa Maria di Leuca.

Authorities in Presicce hope the offer of a cash incentive will breathe new life into their depopulating town, where newborns are fewer each year.