Check out this awesome Optimus Prime toy

We need to spend more time acknowledging how durable the Transformer's IP actually is. On the surface, the Transformers television series only existed to peddle action figures and other forms of merch to impressionable kids. However, the rich lore associated with the Transformers belies the franchise's seemingly simplistic characters and designs. Since the 80s, the Transformers have evolved narratively and created an engaging universe that arguably exceeds that of its toy-based rivals in He-Man and G.I. Joe. Plus, the Transformers were able to survive the corrosive touch of Michael Bay and live to tell the tale. 

As the narrative end of the Transformers franchise has evolved, the toys associated with the series have become equally impressive. In the video linked above, you can check out an awesome Optimus Prime action figure that functions like a miniature robot. Why do they always decide to make the best toys once you're too old to play with them?