Watch: FIFA's Gianni Infantino — man of many feelings — sings "I Feel Qatari" (parody)

On Saturday, FIFA President Gianni Infantino lashed out at his critics in a one-hour monologue, calling out the "hypocracy" of those who criticize the World Cup taking place in Qatar. He then slipped into naval-gazing mode, finding himself to be a complex man who felt many, many things all at once.

"I have very strong feelings, I can tell you that," he said, before listing how he simultaneously felt "Qatari," "gay," "disabled," and so much more.

But rather than listen to him tell us, the Late Show did us a favor and recreated his bizarre therapy session into this more digestible musical (see below) — an amusing twist on West Side Story's "I feel pretty."

And in FIFA president Gianni Infantino's words without musical accompaniment, here's a partial clip:

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