Marjorie Taylor Greene spends first day back on Twitter spewing MAGA lies, then asking for $700,000

About as informed on the law as she is on gazpacho police and space lasers, lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene spent her first day back on Twitter (2.0) confusing business rights with the First Amendment — before begging for money.

"Free speech is dead. And I know that sounds like something interesting to say, especially the very day that I get my personal Twitter account back. But the reality is I should have never lost it in the first place," said the Georgia Qongresswoman, who, although aligned with MAGA's "freedums" party, thinks the government should have intervened with Twitter's right to permanently ban a customer who was dangerously spreading misinformation on covid vaccines.

Greene then spent over an hour on her reinstated Twitter account spewing lies and hate on live video such as: the injustice of antifa never getting charged for the Capitol insurrection; masks don't work; teachers groom children; and catching covid will boost your immunity against covid better than getting a covid vaccine.

And then for her grand finale, Greene cried the blues about how she hadn't been able to use Twitter to campaign or "fight back against the attacks" against her, so now she's asking her viewers to help her out financially. "My attorney fees were approximately around $700,000," Greene complained. "So if any of you out there want to help me pay my attorney fees, you can go to"

Per usual, the only kind of handout a Republican likes is the one that lands straight into their own palm.