Sheriff reports "non-human creature" brutally killed farmer's horse

A farmer in Ross County, Ohio called police this week after discovering that someone—or some thing—had made a mess of his barn and brutally killed his horse, dragging it into a nearby creek. The sheriff's office investigated and determined that the culprit was "non-human." From the deputy sheriff's report:

The farmer] stated today he found his barn torn apart and was missing a horse, he stated there was blood in the barn and the back door was busted open. He found the horse in the creek in the back of the property dead," a deputy wrote in a report. "He has cameras and stated he checked it already and [no one] had been there since he was yesterday. Upon further inspection, we were able to determine that a human did not do this to the horse….

At least they've started the process of elimination.

(Scioto Valley Guardian)