Charcuterie Chalets are like gingerbread houses but with meat, cheese, and other savory bits

Move over sticky, candy-laden gingerbread houses, there's a new "edible architecture" in town and it's savory. The Charcuterie Chalet is constructed with walls of flatbread, windows of pretzels, and shingles of smoked salami. Instead of sugary frosting, fancy spreadable cheese is the glue that holds it all together. The snow surrounding the chalet? Parmesan cheese, of course. Sold as a $130 kit, you'll get enough charcuterie meat, cheeses, nuts, dried fruit, crackers and herbs to make one larger chalet, or two smaller homes, a chateau and an A-frame. It's the work of Avital Ungar, a food experience designer who offers foodie tours in New York and San Francisco.

Thanks, Danielle!