Debunking the flapdoodle of ghost-hunting entertainment

As someone who went through a guilty-pleasure binging on ghost hunting shows many years ago (spending a lot of time yelling and throwing things at my TV), I got some genuine laughs from this video. Tuber Danny Gonzalez checks himself into an allegedly haunted room at the allegedly most haunted hotel in the US, The Stanley, in Estes Park, CO.

Armed with all of the gear that ghost hunters employ, he spends a night by himself. He has a few minor head-scratching moments, but most of what haunts him are the stories told to him by the staff and the pictures of alleged ghosts shown to him soon before hitting the sack.

BTW: One of the things that put The Stanley on the map of SpookyTown was that a Stephen King stay allegedly inspired The Shining. But, it turns out, King never saw a ghost, he had a nightmare there which inspired the novel.