Delivery driver tries to contain a chicken that escapes during package drop in amusing video

A delivery driver was only meant to deliver a package to the inside of a garage, but also ended up trying to deliver a loose chicken that had escaped as soon as he opened the door. And it wasn't an easy "delivery," as the chicken — who was healing from an injury, according to Ring — was fast and persistent in her mad dash for the outdoors, even managing to break free of her cage and charge toward the door after the driver thought he'd temporarily trapped the bird.

Throughout the hilarious scene reminiscent of a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, the responsible driver kept his patience and a sense of humor — addressing the rambunctious creature as "Mr. Chicken Man" and "dude" as he tried to talk the bird into staying put. This driver deserves a Thanksgiving bonus!

Front page thumbnail image: Kathy D. Reasor /