Demanding Shiba Inu more than makes up for it by being adorable

How much do you love your pets? Even if your fur babies are like real babies to you, you may have some competition from Cody and his Shiba Inu. This video put together by The Dodo highlights the sweet relationship between a man (Cody) and his dog (Taurus), and puts the sacrifices we all make for our canine companions front and center. In the video, you see a day in the life, which sees Cody wake up too early, skip breakfast to go for walks first, wait while they sniff and inspect everything on those walks, prepare special meals, groom Taurus, give him the bulk of the bed, and even more.

Demanding seems to be an understatement- but even if Cody seems a bit put out at times, love conquers all. I'm sure it's all worth it for the faceful of licks.