James Brown: The Godfather of rap?

Art builds on itself. Without the progress made by earlier creators, contemporary artists might not have the creative latitude they enjoy in the present. The raunchy nature of stand-up comedy in modernity wouldn't exist without the contribution of pioneers like Lenny Bruce. The evolution of music works similarly. At first glance, it might be difficult to chart the influence that The Doors had on the music of Young Thug. However, when one remembers how The Doors popularized the discussion of drugs in popular music, the correlation becomes more clear.

As a genre that proudly and controversially wears its influences on its sleeve, hip-hop is one of the best examples of how art builds upon itself. From samples to quoting popular lyrics, rap openly homages its forebearers in a way other genres resist. One of the artists that blazed the trail for the entire rap genre was the godfather of Soul, James Brown. In the video linked above, you can learn about how James Brown laid the groundwork for the most popular genre of music on the planet.