Subscribe to this top-rated language-learning app for $199

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Got travel plans for next year? Putting together an intricate itinerary and booking the cheapest tickets possible aren't the only things you should be prioritizing. Part of your travel prep should also include familiarizing yourself with other cultures, which happens to involve learning their local language. 

There's a huge chance that you're balking at picking up a foreign language thanks to your boring high school language classes, but Babbel has designed a system to make the process more fun and exciting, not to mention much easier. And from November 15 through 30, you can purchase a subscription for $199 or 60 percent off, but after this deal expires, it's gone for good!

Touted as the top-grossing language-learning app worldwide, Babbel was developed by over 100 linguists to help aspiring polyglots speak and understand a new language quickly and confidently. Instead of simply doling out lessons you will forget right away, it offers 10 to 15-minute bite-sized lessons that you can easily squeeze into your busy schedule. They cover real-life topics you'll find helpful in day-to-day situations, including transportation, dining, shopping, direction, and more.

Babbel also employs speech recognition technology when giving feedback, which can prove to be useful in helping you sound like a true local. Plus, personalized review sessions are also available, reinforcing what you've learned over time, so it all sticks. No wonder it's got 10 million subscribers and counting.

Brush up on your skills or learn an additional language any time you want, anytime, anywhere, with Babbel. For the final time, you can get a Babbel Language Learning subscription for just $199.99, down from $499. This affords you unlimited lessons to learn up to 14 languages (one at a time), including Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

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