You can watch Netflix's new show Kaleidoscope in any order

Netflix has always been on the cutting edge throughout its entire lifespan as a company. When Blockbuster and Hollywood Video ruled the video rental market in the early 2000s, Netflix opted for a more efficient system for home deliveries. By the time Blockbuster started to catch up, Netflix had already started its streaming service. Even in modernity, as competing streaming services begin to marshall original content, Netflix has a veritable library of original programming that dwarfs its contemporaries. Netflix is always a couple of steps ahead. 

Netflix's eye for innovation doesn't just extend to the platform itself but also the content contained therein. With Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, Netflix pioneered interactive television, and with their new series Kaleidoscope, the streaming giant is about to experiment with another new concept. In the video linked above, you can check out the making of Kaleidoscopea non-linear series that doesn't have a specific episode order. 

Netflix is at it again. After changing the way we watch TV and then subverting the nature of storytelling with the Black Mirror movie Bandersnatch, the streamer will kick off 2023 with another viewing experience that might change the game. Kaleidoscope (formerly titled Jigsaw), a bank heist series that comes on the very first day of the year, offers a non-linear episode structure, meaning that whoever's watching can pick the order of the episodes as they sift through the story.

In order to shed some light on how this will be achieved, Netflix put together a trailer and first-look featurette in which the cast and crew talk about the puzzle-like nature of Kaleidoscope. However, the details of how each episode plays out are still kept under wraps, probably to make viewers more curious to check the series out.