ACAB? All Cops Are Blobby, Apparently

Isn't it strange how the simplest thing can send you tumbling down a rabbit hole? Take, for instance, this creative post from Reddit, showing off a handmade action figure that declares 'All Cops Are Blobby' – an obvious play on the quick and catchy 'ACAB' slogan making the rounds in recent years. For those of you around during the 90s, in Britain, you may have gotten the joke, had a sensible chuckle, and gone about your day. For me, though, a certified child of the 2000s? Not so.

I'm not ashamed to admit that Blobby haunted my restless dreams for a while. Everywhere I went, I saw those yellow polka dots, that manic grin—until finally, I broke down and searched for Blobby's origins.

This did not make it better.

I have to say, though: a large, pale, pinkish creature showing up out of nowhere to ruin your day?