Check out all of these fascinating trees!

Check out this Facebook group, "Unique Trees," to see photos of amazing trees from around the world. Some are notable for their size, some because they grow in bizarre and gravity-defying ways, and some because they are just plain funny. Some have silly faces, some look like giant humans walking, and some have oddly realistic-looking "butts." Some are so giant, people have turned them into places to gather—here's the Ombalantu Heritage Centre, which is inside a giant baobab tree. According to OpenAfrica:

The tree of life, as the people of Ombalantu know their baobab tree, played a significant role in local history. The hollow trunk of this huge tree has, at various times, been used as a hideout, a post office, a chapel, and was integrated into the South African Military base. The craft shop sells local crafts, baskets and clay pots.

The Unique Trees group has helped me become more aware of the amazing trees all around me. This morning on my walk, for instance, I spotted the tree I've included as the cover image. Look how adorable it looks, with its little cartoon eye and silly overbite and dragon-esque horned forehead! Cute tree rating: 10/10