Cliff Benfield's clever, silly cartoons

The two dialogue snippets below are from two clever, silly, and unexpected short animated cartoons, "Camping" and "Andrew Tate," from Cliff Benfield's TikTok and Instagram "Spaceskits."

Bear: "Sup"
Yellow humanoid: "Oh, hey (startled and confused)."
Bear: "Cooking up some marshmallows?"
Yellow humanoid: "Yeah."
Bear: "Do you have any digestive cookies or something like that?"
Yellow humanoid: "Uh, no, darn uh am I in danger? (perhaps thinking, does he need a cookie for indigestion resulting from eating me?)
Bear: "No, but if you see a snake with a bow tie don't let him sell you his jet ski."
Enter: Snake selling a jet-ski.

Waiter: "Okay, so what would you like to drink?"
AT: "I want your most expensive steak."
Waiter: "To drink?"
AT: "To drink."

Three of Benfield's animated shorts from the series "Indolent Allen" are featured on Adult Swim smalls.

Indolent Allen, Episode 1: "Allen saves his film class from homework, and scores an invite to his first college party."
Episode 2: "Allen DJs the party as things go south in a hurry."
Episode 3: "Nora enlists Allen to help seek revenge on her cheating ex, and they make a wild discovery in the process."

Check out this interview in Bubble Blabber with John Schwarz.

"Cliff Benfield: "I'm 25 years old and have lived in NYC my whole life. I got into animation immediately after graduating from film school. Filmmaking is awesome but it's often a slow process and at the time I was really focused on churning out as many comedy sketches as possible. I took "Intro to After Effects" in my final semester and was blown away by the possibilities. I went in for an easy A and came out with a new career trajectory."
JS: How did the idea of Indolent Allen come about?
CB: I've met quite a few Allen's in my life. We've all had that one group member on a project who clearly doesn't want to be there and might not even care about the grade. I had an experience with someone like that a few years ago and thought it would be funny to make a short sketch about it. I looked up synonyms for lazy (as I was too lazy to think of a different word) and 'Indolent' came up."
Who is the "Indolent Allen" in your life?