Japanese World Cup fans cleaned up the stadium after their team defeated Germany

This year's World cup has been one of the most interesting ones in the tournament's long history. We're only a few days into the month-long event, and the news surrounding the Cup has been insane. Outside of all the chaos surrounding this year's host country of Qatar, the events of the Cup itself have been equally surreal. Football legend Lionel Messi and his native club Argentina, which were earmarked to win the whole Cup, suffered one of the wildest upsets in history by losing to Saudi Arabia. As the world was reeling from the news of the aforementioned upset, Japan went on to beat Germany in yet another upset.

After their celebration, the Japanese fans in attendance made it their personal obligation to clean up the stadium after the game. Even though the footage of them cleaning up the stadium went viral after their victory, Qatar's Japanese fans have tidied up after almost every match they attend.

Their players, fresh from a 2-1 victory over the four-time champions in their World Cup opener, had barely left the pitch when the Japanese in the crowd pressed pause on the party to tidy up after themselves at Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar. They did the same at the World Cup in Russia four years ago, most notably after a 3-2 defeat by Belgium in the last 16, and again in the 2022 tournament opener between hosts Qatar and Ecuador on Sunday – a match their team wasn't involved in.