Revive those old shrunken wool sweaters!

What did you do on Black Friday? I did chores, hurrah! Instead of going out and buying more clothes, I decided to finally figure out what to do with the six wool sweaters in my closet that have shrunk over the last few years, rendering them unwearable. I googled around and found this very helpful step-by-step guide by HGTV, "The Secret to Un-Shrinking a Wool Sweater." I spent the rest of the afternoon putting the steps into action.

I'm still waiting on the sweaters to fully dry, but I do believe the process worked, especially on my thicker more substantial wool sweaters! I tried them on while still damp and was able to stretch them even more (this step isn't in the guide, but I found it helpful), and I'm thrilled to report that I'll be able to wear them again, quite comfortably. The process doesn't seem to be working quite as well on my thinner sweaters that are partly or fully cashmere, though. So, if you try this yourself, please know that it works best on thick wool sweaters. I'm so excited to have done this – I've basically got a whole new-to-me sweater collection now, without having to buy anything on Black Friday!