Friendly octopus gives a hug to a human scuba diver

Via Vancouver Sun:

On Oct. 15, Humphreys and two other locals were with a fifth diver who had never seen an octopus on a dive.

"So, our goal was to find that person an octopus and we geared up and got in the water. And within three minutes, I found this octopus that was just sitting there, out in the open," said Humphreys.

Humphreys and her friends tried to give the octopus some space while they snapped photos. She estimated its size at more than three metres, tentacle to tentacle, with a body bigger than a basketball.

But the octopus had other ideas.

It started crawling towards Humphreys' friend who had never before seen an octopus, then it greeted Humphreys with its body and tentacles fully engulfing her camera.

How could HP Lovecraft have been so scared of something so cute and friendly?

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