Lego Eiffel Tower is the tallest set of all time

Legos might be the best toy of all time. Despite their relatively simple design, the famed plastic bricks have only grown in popularity alongside the advent of smart technology and the internet. Although they've always been a childhood favorite, Lego's elaborate theme sets helped push the brand over the top. From Star Wars and Harry Potter to Marvel and Fortnite, you can find a Lego set for virtually any IP in existence. However, Lego doesn't just do fictional sets. The toy giant is equally adept at creating beautiful replicas that capture the majesty of actual landmarks in the real world. 

Over the years, a host of landmarks have gotten the Lego treatment, becoming the star attraction under many a Christmas tree. This year, the company is looking to top itself with a new Eiffel tower set, constructed in segments, to stand at a staggering five feet tall when completed. 

Lego has revealed its tallest set ever. The Eiffel Tower set lets you build one of the world's most iconic landmarks. When you get it, you are not just building the tower, you're building it to a ridiculous height. The full set is 58 inches tall. That's nearly five feet tall. The set contains 10,001 pieces and "authentically" replicates the landmark. That includes the familiar trusswork, three observation platforms, landscaping around the base, elevators, an office at the top, and a broadcast tower. There is also a French flag to position at the very top. A Lego set coming in at nearly five feet tall is not only daunting but poses some logistical problems for fanatics. Addressing those issues, Lego says that the set separates into four sections to make it "manageable to build, move, and play with."