Percussion cover of Meshuggah song performed on computer mouse

Music is just melodic math. Even at its most simplistic, all music follows a numerical formula. Most songs tend to keep their arrangements from getting too complex, lest they alienate listeners that aren't acclimatized to various time signatures. A majority of music fans search for songs with layered grooves that are built on overlapping time signatures almost as sporadically as they seek out dissonance in their music. Consequently, Meshuggah, a metal band renowned for its use of complex math-based grooves, will always be a little off-putting to the general public. However, those that resonate with the band's discography understand that Meshuggah knows how to make math fun. 

Although almost every member of Meshuggah strives for math-heavy grooves that are as melodic as they are intricate, drummer Tomas Haake possesses a unique ability to marry the two seemingly divergent philosophies. In the video linked above, the YouTuber Timothy Ryan literally tries his hand at replicating Haake's drums from Bleed by only using his mouse.