Cop enjoys flipping over pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly

This kindly Arkansas state trooper used a pit maneuver to flip a woman's car over because she didn't pull over quickly enough for his liking. Watch him as a scolds the woman and orders her to get out while she is trapped in her upside-down vehicle.

"I thought it would be safer to wait until the exit," said the woman, who had slowed down and turned on her hazard lights as soon as she realized she was being pulled over. "Well, this is where you ended up," said the cop speaking to her through the window of the overturned car. "You pull over when law enforcement stops you, OK."

It seems like the woman was doing exactly what the Arkansas Police Facebook page instructed her to do:

"IF you see blue lights behind you, and you feel scared that it is not a real police officer OR you would like to drive to a safe or lighted location: first SLOW DOWN, and turn on your hazard lights – this will let the officer know you see them. Move to the farthest right lane, and continue to drive to a location where you feel safe (ex. under a street light, a gas station, an exit ramp, or side road). If you do not believe that the vehicle behind you is a real police officer, immediately call 911. You will NOT BE charged with fleeing if you are doing these things. You have the right to be safe!!!"

On November 19, the Arkansas Times reported that the Arkansas Police were prepared to settle a lawsuit over the incident and agreed to change its policy around using the PIT maneuver.

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