Herschel Walker only just stopped renting out the home claimed as his Georgia residence

It's well-known that Herschel Walker, running for Senate in Georgia, has lived in Texas for decades. But the details are finally coming out, courtesy of the taxman: Walker still claims the Texas home as his primary residence, and until recently was renting out the Georgia home he now claims to live in.

The rental income, which was earned between 2020 and 2021, suggests the Walkers had not only not been living in Georgia before his campaign, but hadn't used the home for anything but a passive cash stream. That further complicates the variegated story that Walker—a Georgia native and former Dallas Cowboy who has lived in Texas since stepping away from the NFL in the 1990s—has told about his relationship to the state he is now vying to represent in Washington. Residency issues shadowed Walker's campaign even before he declared his candidacy. He was firmly rooted in Texas when Donald Trump courted him to run against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) in 2022, and only registered to vote in Georgia days ahead of his official campaign announcement. Since then, however, Walker has played up his upbringing in the small central Georgia town of Wrightsville, along with his football days at UGA.

Herschel Walker is a piñata of lies, there's always more ready to drop out with another whack.