James Gunn's DC universe will connect through television and film projects

DC's film division has been the butt of the joke for a little under a decade. As Marvel has ascended to the top of the entertainment world, DC cinematic brand has been struggling to remain relevant. To combat the apathy from consumers regarding DC's film output, David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery, immediately made efforts course correct the sorry state of the DCEU. 

Hoping to replicate Marvel's success, Zaslav appointed James Gunn and Peter Safran to become joint heads of DC's new and improved film division. A few weeks after receiving the position, Gunn and Safran began to hint that their broader DC universe bible was nearing completion. Now it seems that their bible will extend beyond the silver screen. According to Comic Book Resources, James Gunn has let fans know that his version of the DC universe will stretch between film and television projects, similar to Marvel's efforts on Disney Plus. 

James Gunn confirmed that fans can expect a lot more crossover potential from the future of the DC Universe across various mediums.

While answering fan questions on Twitter, Gunn, the newly-appointed co-CEO of DC Studios, addressed whether he intends to create more shows for established live-action DC protagonists. "Yes, most definitely," the director wrote, assuring the fan that "the DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation)." Gunn also responded to a user asking whether the DCU will retain "standalone animation or live-action shows that take place in separate worlds," confirming that this is still the case.