The Internet's (justified) obsession with quokkas

Quokkas enjoy an online renaissance, for obvious reasons. Just look at them! These plucky, perpetually-smiling marsupials have captured the hearts of the Internet, to the point where there are now entire accounts dedicated to tweeting hourly pictures of them.

Despite their jovial appearance, quokkas can be a bit skittish- on the off chance you encounter one in the wild, the Nature Conservancy of Australia has prepared a few easy tips to ensure all goes smoothly:

  1. Be patient – let the Quokkas come to you rather than chase them
  2. Early morning and early evening are the best times 
  3. Quokkas closest to the settlements are the ones most accustomed to tourists
  4. Don't touch the Quokkas!
  5. Never feed the Quokkas or give them a drink – human foods are very bad for their health

There you are, prepared to go forth and take all the selfies your heart desires. Just resist the temptation to smuggle one back home with you, and you'll be golden.