Confused Lt. Gov. of Georgia left without voting when he saw Herschel was on ballot

Aw shucks. Georgia's Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan says he spent an entire hour in line at an early voting center, only to walk away without voting once he saw the "disappointing" choices inside the ballot box.

"It was the most disappointing ballot I've ever stared at in my entire life," the startled Republican told CNN, recounting the moment of surprise when he saw Senate candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock on the ballot (see video below).

"I had two candidates that I just couldn't find anything that made sense for me to put my vote behind," he said, as if it were a trick question in a pop-quiz. "So I walked out of that ballot box showing up to vote but not voting for either one of them."

Perhaps if Republicans like Duncan spent a little time studying up, these multiple choice questions wouldn't seem so daunting.

Front page thumbnail image: CNN (screengrab)