Elementary school evacuated due to active shooter that turned out to be loud science experiment

Granger Elementary in West Valley City, Utah was evacuated on Monday after loud noises prompted the school to execute their active shooter protocol. A teacher heard what sounded like gunshots and dialed 911. Turned out, the sounds were coming from a science classroom where the teacher was demonstrating model volcanoes. More than 20 police cars and a helicopter arrived on scene and worried parents rushed to the school. From the Salt Lake Tribune:

According to district policy, teachers are supposed to let others in a school know when lessons could include loud, planned noise like that. But that didn't happen Monday, [district spokesperson Ben] Horsley said.

"I want to be clear: If somebody sees something or they hear something that makes them feel uncomfortable, they absolutely should report it," Horsley said Monday afternoon. "In this particular case, it would've been helpful also for the reporting teacher to also notify the front office. The front office and nobody else was aware of any potential circumstance prior to police showing up in droves."