Send happy thoughts for our favorite pig, Esther!

I've previously written about Esther the wonder pig, internet sensation and inspiration behind the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada, that Esther's humans Steve and Derek were able to open in 2014.

Well, Esther's been having some health issues and had to go under sedation today for some tests. Her dads posted about her procedure on Instagram this morning:

We're at the hospital for Esther's CT Scan and with any luck, we'll be going home today with answers regarding what's causing her trouble lately. If you can spare some happy thoughts and well wishes we would very much appreciate them. 

Esther was sedated at 9:30 am EST and we hope to have her back in her recovery space by early afternoon. We will keep you all posted as soon as reasonably possible.

Stay up to date on her condition on her Instagram page, and send some good healthy piggie vibes into the universe for this awesome beast!