The trailer for The Super Mario Bros movie is a love letter to the franchise

In the first full trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie from Illumination, fans of Nintendo's beloved mascot are quickly treated to a visual buffet that brilliantly displays the meticulous care that the animation studio took when crafting the film. 

For context, Mario fans had been immensely apprehensive about the film's fate since it was revealed that Chris Pratt would usurp the role of gaming's favorite plumber from Charles Martinet, the long-tenured voice of the character. Although the teaser for the impending film released during this year's New York Comic Con wowed audiences with its stunning visuals, several fans still wondered about Pratt's performance as Mario. The teaser provided a subtle taste but not nearly enough for lifelong fans to gauge the film on. We needed a full trailer. 

In the video linked above, you can watch the stunning trailer for The Super Mario Bros. movie that pays loving tribute to every aspect of the character's classic mythos. And Chris Pratt is still just talking like Chris Pratt. So, sorry about all that, everybody.