Edward Snowden is now formally a Russian

Edward Snowden has taken an oath of fealty to his new homeland and is looking forward to the stability and security granted him by becoming a Russian citizen. He is now in possession of a Russian passport. Snowden's wife, Lindsay Mills, is also in the Russian naturalization process. Both intend to keep their US citizenship, living life as dual citizens.

Washington Post:

"Edward received a Russian passport yesterday and took the oath in accordance with the law," lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said, according to Russia's Interfax news agency. "He is, of course, happy, thanking the Russian Federation for the fact that he received citizenship," he continued. "And most importantly, under the Constitution of Russia, he can no longer be extradited to a foreign state."

Snowden, 39, is wanted by Washington on espionage charges. He argues that his actions were in the interests of the United States. In any case, his revelations exposed the breadth of U.S. digital spying programs and altered the public's understanding of technology, privacy and digital security.