Future Cops: The wildest live-action Street Fighter movie

It's a shame that there has yet to be a good Street Fighter movie. There was that fantastic animated film back in the 90s, but the Street Fighter franchise hasn't had the best showing in the realm of live-action. The 1994 Jean-Claude Van Damme movie has earned a cult following for its mythic level of cheese, but it'd be a stretch to call the film good in the conventional sense. And then there's the 2009 abomination that was Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, which is somehow worse than its absurd 1994 predecessor.

So, what makes the Hong Kong Street Fighter knock-off Future Cops any better? The answer is nothing, really. Future Cops is as bad as the other films, but it has one ace in the hole the other two movies don't possess—Future Cops in actually fun to watch. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Accented Cinema explains why you should hunt down this gem of cheesy Hong Kong cinema.