Looking for a unique gift that'll arrive before Christmas? This Galaxy Lamp might fit the bill.

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The holiday season is in full swing, and now's your last chance to get gifts in time! That's why you should consider giving a special someone in your life the EP Light Galaxy Lamp and Wooden Base. Not only is it a cool and unique gift idea, but if you order by December 8, you'll get free shipping and guaranteed delivery before Christmas! Adding to the lamp's appeal is the recent price drop. Typically valued at $69, the Galaxy Lamp is now available for only $34.99 or 49% off — no coupons needed.

What we love about this lamp is that it's so different from any other light fixture out there. It's shaped like an Edison light bulb, but it glows in the dark and features a colorful galaxy swirling around inside it. It's as close as you can get to bringing the northern lights into your home! The light it emits is just as colorful and hauntingly gorgeous. By the way, when we say this lamp is unique, we really mean it. Each bulb is designed as its own piece of art, so no two Galaxy Lamps will look quite the same.

Another remarkable aspect of the lamp is it's eco-friendly, as the bulb is made with drop-resistant resin. This also ensures it's always clear and never hot to the touch. Plus, it's more energy efficient than other light sources: It needs 63% less energy than traditional bulbs. (Energy-efficient lightbulbs help you save money, too, per the Department of Energy.)

We also love that it comes with a small, square wooden base. That way, you can use the bulb to enhance the atmosphere of any room by putting it on desktops, tables, and other surfaces.

During our Last Chance event, you can purchase the EP Light Galaxy Lamp and Wooden Base for only $34.99 with free shipping. Remember to order by December 8 for it to arrive by Christmas. 

Prices subject to change.